Our finance solution is a proactive and tailored solution with great flexibility and multiple options to give your business a competitive advantage.

BRAVU is a business partner of Australia’s largest independent financier.

This style of financing currently services a range of industries from government agencies to large corporations and SMEs.

We understand that the ever changing economy can make it hard to commit to financial investments without you holding a long term commitment of return from your market.

Benefits of Renting

  • FASTER BUYING DECISION: Easier to approve than an upfront capex outlay and allows you to utilise your opex budget for this purchase.
  • ENHANCE CASH-FLOW: Spreads the equipment cost over the life of the asset.
  • ANOTHER SOURCE CAPITAL: Utilise our balance sheet for the purchase of the equipment and keep your existing capital lines in place for other requirements. We only take the equipment as security and this won’t affect any existing finance arrangements.
  • MATCH THE PLANNED USAGE OF THE EQUIPMENT TO THE TERM OF THE FINANCE: Set the term of the facility in line with the project that the equipment is needed for. This ensures you only pay for the equipment when it is being used and has a huge benefit to your cash-flow and financials.
  • NO MORE TECHNOLOGY REDUNDANCY: Our solution ensures that the customer will never be left with redundant equipment and with this product BRAVU can keep your business up to date with the latest technologies delivering the best returns.

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